Kal Sarpa Yoga

2 06 2010

There are various kinds of Yogas in a horoscope and all these yogas give rise to different kinds of results. There are both auspicious & inauspicious yogas in a horoscope. The auspicious ones produce good results whereas the inauspicious ones produce bad results. Of the various inauspicious yogas, one of them is Kalsarpa Yog. In a horoscope, when all the planets are placed in-between Rahu & Ketu, then it is called a Kalsarpa Yog. We may not find a detailed description of this yoga in the ancient astrology literatures, but we definitely cannot ignore it as well.

Even renowned ancient astrologers like Maharishi Garg, Parashar, Bhrigu, Varha Mihir etc have acknowledged Kalsarpa Yog. The ancient people have given special importance to Kalsarpa Yog. They have regarded Rahu-Ketu as Karmic planets, Rahu as the dragon’s head & Ketu as the dragon’s tail. Nobody has spoken about the good results of this Yoga. Rahu & Ketu are both shadowy planets and have no physical bodies, yet they are such inauspicious that the formation of Kalsarpa Yog due to these planets is known to give out bad results.

The formation of Kalsarpa Yog in a horoscope in-between 1st and 7th house consists of Rahu in the first house and Ketu in the seventh house. The remaining planets are situated in between the first and seventh house. It proves to be an obstruction to a healthy life and gives trouble to name, fame & dignity. One is deprived of the spouse in married life. Life is always full of struggles. Rahu in 1st house results in the native suffering from headache, being deceitful and lustful. Ketu in 7th house results in unhappiness in married life, fear from water, loss in partnerships, troubles regarding health and travelling frequently. In detail, the natives never enjoy the happiness of the things related to first & seventh house.

Kalsarpa Yog results in various obstructions in a person’s life till 42 years of age. Sometimes it may effect the person even after the specified period.

In detail, a person effected with Kalsarpa Yog undergoes physical problems throughout the life. The person never gets any relief from his/her troubles. There are always hurdles in acquiring education. The education that the native receives has no benefits in life. The person always has to face worries, opposition from relatives, is deprived from the happiness of children or spouse and loses energy in disputes, legal matters & quarrels. The person may also face imprisonment, betrayal from friends and trouble due to evil spirits. The person is under huge debts & the children’s marriage may be delayed or maybe deprived of children. A family member may forsake the house and there may be no news of that person for many years. A member of the family may drown or may face some accidental death. The person becomes bankrupted in business.


1. Wear a Kalsarpa ring, which is snake shaped & made of silver. This ring can be obtained from any renowned astrologer. This should be worn on Wednesday, in the small finger. Donate dry coconut, mustard etc on that day and chant the mantra of Rahu & Ketu. Proper Prana Prathista Required
2. Worship Lord Ganesha and before sunrise offer a pair of snakes made of silver on a Shivling. This should be done through a renowned astrologer. Or Do a Rudravisekh with Mahamrutunjaya Patha
3.Offer water daily on a Shivling after chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivah.
4. Give a silver brick of 20gms to daughter at her marriage. This remedy is for a happy married life.
5. Donate fresh radish.
6. Drop coals equal to your weight in a flowing river on Wednesday.
7. Donate some black dal & some money to a beggar early in the morning.
8. Keep some grains under your pillow at night & feed them to birds early in the morning.
9. Put a silver swastik on the main entrance of the house.
10. Have your food in the kitchen.

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