Easy Sadhana Tips for Employment

1 01 2011


Unemployment is the worst bane of modern life, which leads to depression and loss of confidence. Struggle for survival becomes so hard that a person loses all hope and starts to contemplate upon taking drastic steps. If only such a person could be guided into the Sadhana world be could benefit much by employing this time tested method.

Karya Shiddhi Yantam

For gaining a good job place a Kaarya Siddhi Yantra on a copper plate in the night of Wednesday. Offer flowers on it. Light a lamp and chant just one round of this Mantra with a coral rosary (मूंगा माला).
Coral Rosary


Om Shreem Mam Kaarya Siddhi Kari Kari Hreem Phat

ॐ श्रीं मम कार्य सिद्धि करी करी ह्रीं फट

Repeat the ritual each night for 8 days, thus concluding the Sadhana on next Wednesday. The Sadhak must leave the rosary in the roots of Peepal tree. The Yantra he should carry to interviews and examinations, till he lands a job. After that it should be dropped in a river or a pond.

Even if you don’t have Yantra and Coral Mala chant the mantra as much as possible and in the end visualize that you have already got the job in desired company. Visualize that the salary has been accounted to your account. Visualization is very important.

Another Totka

The person should get a ‘Bada’ (cknk). In an auspicious muhurat make it sidh by doing pooja and offering dhoop deep. Take the advice from some expert astrologer as Moon should be strong and day should be Saturday. Tithi should be 4th (chaturathi), 9th ( Navami), or 14h (chaturdashi) when all these conditions are fulfilled. Get the Peepal Banda on Saturday morning (invite it on the Friday evening itself) and worship it like any other statue of Devata. After Panchopachar pooja this Banda becomes sidh. Wear this (fold it into bhog-patra and make a tabij with red cloth) by doing this, jobless person gets job and ample opportunities come on the way which may make him prosper.




9 responses

29 01 2011

Dear Sir,

What is ‘Bada’ (cknk) and Peepal Banda….
please give me some more info about it so that i can understant what exactly these things are.

Kind Regards,

29 01 2011

Sir please also guide me that from where i can get karya siddhi yantra..

Kind regards,

1 02 2011

Dear Sir
Kindly tell me what is ‘Bada’ (cknk) and Peepal Banda ?


1 02 2011

Sir I inquired about the Coral Rosary here in bangalore, the original one will cost around 3000 Rs. to me.
Right now I am not able to afford this much. Could you please suggest me some alternative of this.
I will be very thankful to you.

Kind Regards,

26 12 2012
suraj koirala

Sir please also guide me that from where i can get karya siddhi yantra..

Kind regards, i have no more information about sadhana ,but im suffering from unemployment but what can i do please also guide me about sadhana methode and where can i buy this yantra.

30 12 2012

you can search some nearest Puja samagri dookan for this yantra, please use original items for karya siddhi puja

20 04 2014

Sir, there are no peepal trees here in Bangalore.What should I do with the coral rosary after finishing sadhana. I’ve purchased the rosary and the yantra.

20 04 2014

After the Sadhana you can put under any holy tree, that’s nearer to you. If you dunno ask any Priest. Also worship to Shree Krsna with full devotion. Visit ISKON temple regularly.

3 08 2014

what is peepal banda ,where it is available ,send me the peepal tree banda

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