Planet Jupiter and his Gemstone Yellow Sapphire (The Pukhraj)

1 01 2011

Planet Jupiter and his Gemstone Yellow Sapphire(The Pukhraj) as Vedic Astrology  remedy

Yellow Sapphire The Pukhraj

The Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire)

The Pukhraj is a birth gem stone for Sagittarius but according to planetary position of a birth chart suggesting a Yellow Sapphire would be the best Idea, if the planet Jupiter is ill placed or to strengthen it. The Ruling planet for Yellow Sapphire is Jupiter who is called the Deva Guru (Teacher of Deities and Planets).

Generally suggesting finger is Index, according to various researches and by great Sage it is best to wear Yellow Sapphire on ring finger 3rd from Index finger. Index finger for any Astrology Gemstone on is generally not advisable because this is not an auspicious finger, if you wear Pukhraj then it will give you money initially but as index finger it will block your Moskhya. Wearing a yellow Sapphire gemstone definitely brings happiness in your life and it will boost your finance and helps you to take control over your unnecessary expenses. Wearier of Yellow Sapphire can get material, maternal bliss, good love, family happiness, health and wealth etc. Peoples having desire to go abroad can also wear yellow Sapphire by consulting from a good professional astrologer.

If your Jupiter is well or ill placed one can wear yellow Sapphire but in case of deliberated situation it not recommended. In Vedic Astrology houses lord of 6th, 8th, or 12th and planet placed on those are not recommended but if Jupiter is in friend’s house or moolatrikona house and situated on these above then it’s a exceptional case to go for a Yellow Sapphire gemstone. Standard consideration to wear Yellow Sapphire are Friendly Ascendant (Lagna) of Planet Jupiter with placed with good houses are recommended but the important things is malefic Planetary Dristri (accepts) which states that any ill aspect of another malefic planets to Jupiter if formed, then the gemstone is not recommended. For example: Yellow Sapphire cannot be worn if its Ascendant lord is Venus, Saturn,Mercury.For example as we know  Gemstone for  Planet Venus is  Diamond, And for Nodes is Hessonite (Gomedh, Catseye) which are cannot be use with yellow Sapphire, these are enemies to each other. Planetary aspect is major things and role to choose yellow Sapphire. Flawed yellow Sapphire brings poverty, accident, bad health, relationship break etc. Choosing a clear unheated, untreated Yellow Sapphire is recommended for only astrological purpose. A stone forcibly heated and treated are cannot be use for Astro remedies while these are only use for Jewelry purpose. A good yellow Sapphire will shine, transparent, vivid, and more crystalline and dent free. Milky and opaque with black or red dot are not recommended. A flawless Yellow Sapphire of minimum 2ct is recommended as higher caret will be more expensive and overweight would cause colic troubles to the native, because Sapphire is most expensive next to diamond and also its very heavy and hard. If you cannot affordable to choose Yellow Sapphire then its substitute is to use Imperial Yellow Topaz/Golden Topaz/Citrine etc. A light lemon yellow color is recommended for Scientist, Engineer, and Doctor etc. Yellow Color is recommended for Military and Police peoples or you can say for Higher Administrator and Rulers. Dark color yellow Sapphire is recommended for servant type of peoples. I have seen if Dark Orange color Yellow sapphire to be used by professional it will brings laziness and deep sleep. Light color gems stones are recommended for Professionals because its radiate colors which are perfect for their profession and it will give a good sleep and relax of mind. A yellow Sapphire would stimulate digesting power, spleen and pancreas and negates kidney and bladder infections and also it’s helps eye problems, increases blood circulation, detoxifies the blood, activates the thymus and balances the thyroid and relieves constipation and removes cellulite. People find their love life using help of Yellow Sapphire as it’s bring unexpected meetings. Yellow Sapphire is Karaka for Husband so if a girl wants to marry soon she can use Yellow Sapphire to get a desired husband. If you want to get good result of Yellow Sapphire then its recommended to wear 8 caret in your ring finger with proper ‘Prana Pratista’ on a Jupiter Hora of Thursday and half an hour time before Sunrise you need to do the proper Puja (worship) with Brihaspati Mantra by chanting of 108 x 3 time before wearing of the yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphire helps you to keep good relationship with opposite sex and attraction toward knowledge and glowing of your skin. It’s also cure detrox and blockages from our body. For male Please wear atlist 8ct and for  Female its recommended b Ratti because numerological Jupiter adore the number 8, Jupiter is Yellow in color, he adores yellow clothes. His stone is Yellow sapphire. He resides in an ASTHAKONA HOUSE. For example Yellow Sulphur listed in this group and Outermost shell has 8 electrons. Chromium salts are yellow. So he resides in ASHTKONA house. Higher does of Yellow Sapphire is also not recommended because Jupiter is Jeeva like Oxygen to our life, he is a benefic planet never harms to any ascendant a Devaguru who is the teacher to Saturn but the same oxygen will kill on higher doses, water is disinfected using over dose of oxygen for example O3, like wise this is for planet Jeeva the ultimate Jupiter who is bad due to excess.

As I said Yellow Sapphire is recommended for Affliction of Jupiter and or strengthen of it. So wearing a Yellow Sapphire of *7ct > of weight would be more beneficial Gemstone. Now it’s a matter of question is Planet Jupiter is really Benicia or Malefic?

Astrologers belonging to Brihaspati’s kula made a rule to explain: “BHAVA NASH KARO JEEVA, BHAVA VRIDDHHI KARAU SHANI”

Meaning, Jupiter destroys the house he occupies and Saturn increases the house he occupies.

Jupiter, the planet shares the same name Guru, meaning Large as Guru meaning Teacher. At some point of time, Guru the planet, Guru , the teacher and  Brihaspati, the Teacher of immortal Devas became one .

Brihaspati, the Deva Guru , supposed to be of most benign nature, pious, intelligent, Brahmin, was given many portfolios. Out of that, portfolios of 2nd house and 5th house were also given to him. But Guru, even though was made karaka for house of wealth, whenever he was in 2nd bhava, the man turned into a pauper lost wealth or suffered financially. He was given karakatva of 5th house , Santana Bhava. But when he sits in Santana Bhava, he is found to bring the lineage to the end. The person becomes childless.

How can a minister of finance occupying his own office in the place ruled by him destroy the finances of the country ? How can the Putra Karaka deny a son to the person if in 5th bhava ?

They also found that BAD Sani, increased wealth when in 2nd bhava. It is like a Menial low caste servant occupying the seat of finance in the ministry increase the wealth of the country. !!! by Sri Tatvamsi Ji

So, Guru (Jupiter) is very mighty and has very benign aspect. Guru gives us oxygen and is Jeeva. Without Guru’s help, we would all be Mudha and lifeless.  Let us pray Guru with all our heart and full faith for his Amrit Drishti.

By Wearing Yellow Sappier on Thursday by chanting the Mantra “Aum Brum Bruhaspataye Namah” we can pleased to lord Jupiter.

Birth No Ruling Planet Prescribed Gem Hindi / Sanskrit Name Nature of Gem Finger to be Worn Remarks Day To Start Wearing Preferred Metal Weight When the Planet is unfavorable When Planet in Fall Substitute Gem
3,12,21,30 Jupiter Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, Imperial Yellow Topaz Pukrāj/ Pushparāga Cold Right Hand

3rd from Index

(Note: Right hand For Sura Graha and Left Hand for Asura Graha)

Can not be advised for Left hand and the Left hand is for Asura graha for e.g. Sat, Rah, Ketu Thursday Waxing Moon, on a Brihaspati Hora or Friendly Nakshtra Platinum but Gold is Ok *7ct to 13ct For Male and 9Ratti for female, should be odd Light



Cream Color Pearl Citrine/ Yellow Granet

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Kashmir Sapphire – Sapphire with a distinct velvety-blue color
Cornflower Sapphire – Synonym of Kashmir sapphire (above)
Cornflower Blue Sapphire – Synonym of Kashmir sapphire (above)
Star Sapphire – Sapphire displaying asterism
Padparadschah – Orange-pink variety of sapphire
Color Changing Sapphire – Sapphire exhibiting a different color in natural and artificial light
Bi-colored Sapphire – Sapphire with more than one color
Cat’s Eye Sapphire – Sapphire exhibiting cat’s eye effect
Fancy Sapphire – Any sapphire with a color other than blue
Verneuil Sapphire – Synthetic, laboratory-grown sapphireSome other (rarely used) variety names:

Nowadays, sapphire is classified by its color in the gem trade (i.e. green color sapphire is “Green Sapphire”). Colorless sapphire is usually called “White Sapphire”.

The “oriental” prefixes are not used anymore, but they are still occasionally seen. Below is a list of all the “oriental” sapphires:

Oriental Topaz – Straw yellow, gem quality sapphire
Oriental Emerald – Light to dark green, gem quality sapphire
Oriental Amethyst – Violet to pink, gem quality sapphire
Oriental Peridot – Yellow-green, gem quality sapphire
Oriental White Sapphire – Colorless, gem quality sapphire

Australian Sapphire – Dark blue to nearly black sapphire
Bengal Amethyst – Purple sapphire
Blue Alexandrite – Synonym of color changing sapphire
Burma Sapphire – Synthetic, laboratory-grown blue sapphire
Burmese Sapphire – Synonym of Burma sapphire (above)
Ceylon Sapphire – Light blue sapphire
Indian Topaz – Yellow to yellow-brown sapphire
King Topaz – Yellow to yellow-brown sapphire
Rose Kunzite – Synthetic pink sapphire
Star Topaz – Yellow star sapphire
Ultralite – Blue sapphire

Facts about Yellow Sapphire

Color Blue, yellow, green, white, colorless, pink, orange, brown, and purple
Hardness 9
SG 3.9 – 4.1
RI 1.76 – 1.77
DR .0008
Luster Vitreous to adamantine
Mineral class Corundum
Composition Be3Al2SiO6

Few Technical Details You Will Find in A Certificate:

WEIGHT:- 4.96 cts
TREATMENT: HEATED ONLY (Not Fit for Astrology)

Easy Sadhana Tips for Employment

1 01 2011


Unemployment is the worst bane of modern life, which leads to depression and loss of confidence. Struggle for survival becomes so hard that a person loses all hope and starts to contemplate upon taking drastic steps. If only such a person could be guided into the Sadhana world be could benefit much by employing this time tested method.

Karya Shiddhi Yantam

For gaining a good job place a Kaarya Siddhi Yantra on a copper plate in the night of Wednesday. Offer flowers on it. Light a lamp and chant just one round of this Mantra with a coral rosary (मूंगा माला).
Coral Rosary


Om Shreem Mam Kaarya Siddhi Kari Kari Hreem Phat

ॐ श्रीं मम कार्य सिद्धि करी करी ह्रीं फट

Repeat the ritual each night for 8 days, thus concluding the Sadhana on next Wednesday. The Sadhak must leave the rosary in the roots of Peepal tree. The Yantra he should carry to interviews and examinations, till he lands a job. After that it should be dropped in a river or a pond.

Even if you don’t have Yantra and Coral Mala chant the mantra as much as possible and in the end visualize that you have already got the job in desired company. Visualize that the salary has been accounted to your account. Visualization is very important.

Another Totka

The person should get a ‘Bada’ (cknk). In an auspicious muhurat make it sidh by doing pooja and offering dhoop deep. Take the advice from some expert astrologer as Moon should be strong and day should be Saturday. Tithi should be 4th (chaturathi), 9th ( Navami), or 14h (chaturdashi) when all these conditions are fulfilled. Get the Peepal Banda on Saturday morning (invite it on the Friday evening itself) and worship it like any other statue of Devata. After Panchopachar pooja this Banda becomes sidh. Wear this (fold it into bhog-patra and make a tabij with red cloth) by doing this, jobless person gets job and ample opportunities come on the way which may make him prosper.

Kal Sarpa Yoga

2 06 2010

There are various kinds of Yogas in a horoscope and all these yogas give rise to different kinds of results. There are both auspicious & inauspicious yogas in a horoscope. The auspicious ones produce good results whereas the inauspicious ones produce bad results. Of the various inauspicious yogas, one of them is Kalsarpa Yog. In a horoscope, when all the planets are placed in-between Rahu & Ketu, then it is called a Kalsarpa Yog. We may not find a detailed description of this yoga in the ancient astrology literatures, but we definitely cannot ignore it as well.

Even renowned ancient astrologers like Maharishi Garg, Parashar, Bhrigu, Varha Mihir etc have acknowledged Kalsarpa Yog. The ancient people have given special importance to Kalsarpa Yog. They have regarded Rahu-Ketu as Karmic planets, Rahu as the dragon’s head & Ketu as the dragon’s tail. Nobody has spoken about the good results of this Yoga. Rahu & Ketu are both shadowy planets and have no physical bodies, yet they are such inauspicious that the formation of Kalsarpa Yog due to these planets is known to give out bad results.

The formation of Kalsarpa Yog in a horoscope in-between 1st and 7th house consists of Rahu in the first house and Ketu in the seventh house. The remaining planets are situated in between the first and seventh house. It proves to be an obstruction to a healthy life and gives trouble to name, fame & dignity. One is deprived of the spouse in married life. Life is always full of struggles. Rahu in 1st house results in the native suffering from headache, being deceitful and lustful. Ketu in 7th house results in unhappiness in married life, fear from water, loss in partnerships, troubles regarding health and travelling frequently. In detail, the natives never enjoy the happiness of the things related to first & seventh house.

Kalsarpa Yog results in various obstructions in a person’s life till 42 years of age. Sometimes it may effect the person even after the specified period.

In detail, a person effected with Kalsarpa Yog undergoes physical problems throughout the life. The person never gets any relief from his/her troubles. There are always hurdles in acquiring education. The education that the native receives has no benefits in life. The person always has to face worries, opposition from relatives, is deprived from the happiness of children or spouse and loses energy in disputes, legal matters & quarrels. The person may also face imprisonment, betrayal from friends and trouble due to evil spirits. The person is under huge debts & the children’s marriage may be delayed or maybe deprived of children. A family member may forsake the house and there may be no news of that person for many years. A member of the family may drown or may face some accidental death. The person becomes bankrupted in business.


1. Wear a Kalsarpa ring, which is snake shaped & made of silver. This ring can be obtained from any renowned astrologer. This should be worn on Wednesday, in the small finger. Donate dry coconut, mustard etc on that day and chant the mantra of Rahu & Ketu. Proper Prana Prathista Required
2. Worship Lord Ganesha and before sunrise offer a pair of snakes made of silver on a Shivling. This should be done through a renowned astrologer. Or Do a Rudravisekh with Mahamrutunjaya Patha
3.Offer water daily on a Shivling after chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivah.
4. Give a silver brick of 20gms to daughter at her marriage. This remedy is for a happy married life.
5. Donate fresh radish.
6. Drop coals equal to your weight in a flowing river on Wednesday.
7. Donate some black dal & some money to a beggar early in the morning.
8. Keep some grains under your pillow at night & feed them to birds early in the morning.
9. Put a silver swastik on the main entrance of the house.
10. Have your food in the kitchen.

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