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I have been working with lots of my local and national clients to give them proper solution and remedies through my divine power which I gained the shiddhi due to the blessing of my Guru and the Lord Ganesha. Assured you for my best services and predictions which will satisfy your requirements with  proper prediction & reading.  I am a Vedic Astrologer with the power of Occultism.

When we look out for something, we always want the best at the cheapest possible price. People across the globe are searching for Best Astrologers who can help them solve their problems. They are looking for renowned astrologers who can predict their future accurately. And certainly everybody looks for the best possible.

But do all world renowned astrologers give accurate future predictions? Are all Indian Vedic Astrologers providing best Astrology Solutions or Remedies for your problems?

The answer is simple. It does not matter how big and popular an astrologer is. What it matters finally; an astrologer is good astrologer whether in India or any other country; Western or Vedic or Lal Kitab Astrologer, if he / she can tell you your past life events accurately. If he can, he would be able to predict your future accurately.

So, ask for past life predictions before taking any future predictions. Ask for past life events and ask when it happened? The promise of the chart indicates many events and only good astrologer can tell you those events happened in your past life. Most of the Astrologers can easily read the general promise of the chart but actually it is the eventing which makes him a real Astrologer.

Choose your astrologer on his ability to predict your past life events rather than choosing on grounds of his popularity or celebrity. Any astrologer can be seen on T.V. if he is willing to pay huge money to the TV channel for allotting him half an hour time. But it does not assure his ability to actually predict your future accurately.

If you are looking for the right Vedic Indian Astrologer, in India; ask for your past life events before taking any future predictions. An astrologer may be wrong but Astrology can not be wrong as Vedic Astrology is Vedang and our Vedas are highly sacred. They are not written by any saint or Maha Rishi as our Maharishi themselves say that they are writing whatever they heard directly from Lord Shiva.

You can contact me on my Cell phone : +91 9658834390 (Bhubaneswar, Odisha)

My current web is under construction and for the time being you can use my cellphone to reach  me without any cost.
Thank You!!!

Pt. Jayanta Kumar Dash
(Astrologer, Occultist, Healer)


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